They Appeared From Seemingly Nowhere

a cohort
of bloodroot
laughing in the sun

Dogs In Conversation

That’s not six feet.
It feels like six feet.
Well it’s not. It’s three at most.

Dearest Neighbor

these slower times
allow for longer visits
with the flowers

The Sad Flower Made Happy

penitent’s rose
the heart’s bloom
when forgiven

In The Door Yard

with snow and flower buds
the cairn, moose antler and sun dial
mark and keep track of time

Between The Tulips And The Iris

tiny explosion
a potency
of blue

All She Needs Is A Peter Pan Collar

dressed up
for spring in
soft fuzzy pearls

The Poet Sunshine

the flowers’ shadows
write their own poem
on the book’s pages

Dragonfly Wind Chime

the chime sings
the wind’s song
a mountain lullaby

The Garden’s Shape Emerges

spring begins
with a kaleidoscope
of greens

Bluebird So Soft

bright eyed
in a blue sky
hope personified

Making Sense Of Things

as I approach
the mist recedes
slow introduction to clarity

The Nest

woven with care
so fledging feet
will remember softness