Dress Up Just For Yourself

ordinary rock
adorned with
lichen lace ruffle

Water Wanders

still on the move
the brook meanders
through the woods

Stained Glass Grass

cathedral windows
on the ground
nature is my church

One Way To Mark Your Place In Time

with one step
we are on the other side
and a new year begins

Her Warm Yellow Glow

peek a boo
the morning moon

Walk With A Friend

to be thought of
by an animal
the best of communions

Repeat Repeat

rain removes snow
then develops into sleet
so goes winter: repeat, repeat

OH Tannenbaum

thirty years tall
you carry our Christmas wishes
all the way to the stars

Glinting In The Winter Sun

fresh powder
piles up
everything a-sparkle


a big snow
in December
beloved normalcy