February Narcissus

winter gazed
upon her own reflection
in the river

Ship Masts In The Meadow

resource to
man and beast
benevolent benefactors: trees

No Two The Same

the magic symmetry
of each individual design
seen by the naked eye

Long Winter Days

when seemingly
nothing is happening
spring’s new world is gestating

This Is The Wall

that doesn’t separate us
but rather
it’s presence connects us

Three Of Them

despite cold
and lack of mud
here is happiness

Morning Paradox

dawn’s delicacy
the bitter cold

We Gather Near The Hearth As

tiny flakes
of a big snow
fall on our little house

Window Panes In The Woods

trunks and branches
from the view
of outside outside

Peace Outside The Circle

without containment
the symbol’s power

In The Time Of Gloaming

beneath the hues
of yellow, pink, lavender, blue
a tree dreams of green

That Branch Of Mathematics

winter is
a mathematician
of sacred geometry

Flowers From A Friend

I submerge into
the sweetness and solace
of scent and colors