The Night’s Needlework

shuttle of cold
looping and knotting
night into lace

After The Fall

each snowflake
makes acquaintance with
this new relationship of space

We Don’t Need Any Mittens

but yes it is
cold enough
for coats

Never Stopping

the sky
crosses the boundary
of forever

I Awoke At The Ocean

sand dollars gathered
on the shoreline
of cold

The Bronze Leaf

a meritorious achievement
of rescuing winter
from the encompassing grey and white

Blending In

wearing the colors
of your surrounds
your spirit flashes through

On Cold Nights

the angels
dress the windows
with fleur de liys

Cold Curves

bubbles and froth
in a static state
softness solidified

The Song Of Silence

deep in the woods
on the frozen vernal pond
the music played on

Embracing Mystery

the morning
in mystical cold

A Place For Daydreaming

linger on
waterfall bridge
where time is suspended

The Center Holds

shadows play
on the river of leaves
stillness inside movement