Ricochet Of Loveliness

phlox white clouds
the sky echos
the garden’s bloom

I Wanna Be A Bee

or perhaps a hummingbird
I’m a moth
with aspirations

Cyclone Of Color

the wind
picked up the sunset
and spun it into the sky

Still Jumping

a merry band
of cheerfulness
still jumping mid-summer

Greeting Everything Where It Is

she opened
her beauty
in every direction

The Way

gentle path
through the flowering field
the road to happy destiny

Sitting By The Fountain

listening to the water
share the story of

Seen And Seen

that spot of light
the glint in the eye
of the universe

Small Dog Big World

the place between
the call of the wild
and being called home

One Among Many

each the same
all distinct
as with flowers people

Quiet Roar Of The Eastern Tiger

she carries
pollen on her back
and creation on her wings


our misty world was soft
and we were free

The Petunia Looking Back

deep inside
a piercing
green eye

In The Dooryard Of The Birdhouse

the world
bloomed around us
it was enough just to be

Blue Only At The Edges

of the blue diamond
a new perfection

Morning At The Farm

first light caresses
the corn, flowers and barn
blessings of the new day

Counterparts And Wings

on the thistle
the soft atop the bristle

Garden Party

hollyhock corsage
every one is invited
to summer’s dance