10 thoughts on “Holding Whatever Is Offered”

      1. I live in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, which is in the south-central part of the state, near the capital Harrisburg. Years before I came to live here, my sister and brother-in-law rented a farmhouse close by. When I visited in winter and looked outside, I saw pretty much this view. Much of the farmland around here is still like this, flatland behind which are hills and mountains.

        It hasn’t snowed here yet, not really. I imagine where you are is farther north or west, if you have snow now. Stay safe and warm!–Christopher

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      2. Christopher, How nice to know where you are. We’ve had a mixture of wonderful “snow globe snow” followed by rain. So the landscape has been shifting quite dramatically. I have fingers crossed for a white Christmas – and hope you get a beautiful dusting to add to the magic of the season (but no shoveling required!). Very Best, Catherine


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