The Garden’s Sleeve

early spring
the garden wears
her heart on her sleeve

25 thoughts on “The Garden’s Sleeve”

    1. Thanks Amy. They are so pretty I get distracted by the bloom and often forget to carefully consider what is in the background and how the flower will show up.


  1. Bleeding hearts are a favorite of mine and they show up in some of my bouquets. Lovely, lovely shot and oh-how-I love your turn of words and have the garden wearing “her heart on her sleeve”! Perfect!

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    1. Thanks! I’ve never seen them in a bouquet. For some reason there are quite a few flowers I never think of to pick. Now I’ll be making little arrangements with bleeding hearts! THANKS!

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      1. They make cheery little bouquets and always delight the young and young at heart. I used them in centerpieces for my great-niece’s First Communion a few weeks ago. I put just one stem in each arrangement (the arrangements were quite full). Several in attendance asked me what they were. The best, however, was a youngster about 6 years old. I saw her sitting by herself, gently flicking the stem of Bleeding Hearts. I asked her if she liked it. She did. We talked about what it was and had quite a charming conversation. I asked if she would like to take the centerpiece home. You can imagine my utter delight as she walked out the door holding the centerpiece as if it were a baby doll. πŸ™‚

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      2. Oh what a lucky little girl to encounter you and all the beauty and magic you make! And oh the magic of little girls – carrying the centerpiece like a baby doll! Thanks for sharing that.

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  2. As a bleeding heart myself, I have always loved them, and planted one this week in our new perennial garden on Long Island. Great pic and words as always!


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