You Again, Wise Friend

the look that speaks
an instruction
to be true

28 thoughts on “You Again, Wise Friend”

    1. They are so extraordinary. It is a really special moment when you see one. This one flew right in front of my car and then perched in a tree right near the road. It felt like an invitation and he waited for me to park, get out and then stayed while I got lots of shots. It’s always a good omen to se an owl. πŸ™‚

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  1. Just wondering what the possibility is for using this image for a painting? Will understand either way. It is one of the nicest owl photos I’ve seen, and so detailed.


    1. Hello Snow, you may use this image for a painting if it is just for personal enjoyment and not for reproduction or sale.
      I’d love to see your finished product! You could reach me through my contact page. ENJOY! Best, Catherine

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      1. Thank you Catherine. It will be awhile as I have a lot going right now, but if and when I get it painted, I will happily share it with you. I have really enjoyed your blog. Short and sweet!


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