could we meet
in the space
between the thorns

13 thoughts on “Thorns”

  1. Yes, that will be nice, though how small the spaces! And those thorns.. . (Of course we could always move to another part of the garden. Or are we in a forest here?)


    1. Just realized: on vacation now, I am sitting under a large palm tree in southern California. While thinking about your post, I looked up–I had never before noticed. . . . the palm leaves are comforting soft green fans with delicately curling strings floating in the breeze, but each branch is lined with brown dangerously pointed teeth, thorns I suppose we should call them but the locals don’t like to characterize anything that way, so no one here speaks of the threats or pains or sadness of life, even though the palm tree trunks themselves, once trimmed as everyone does, display their bleached jaws and bone-white teeth. It’s la la land everywhere here. We are lulled beneath the thorns and don’t even acknowledge other aspects of nature. A beautiful but unreal dream. I’m not staying very long.


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