One by One

each leaf
in their own time
glory then the fall

12 thoughts on “One by One”

  1. I love this–thank you. My mom died two years ago and she always loved the fall season. she was also an accomplished poet and wrote a poem called “The Power Of Little Things”….which like the glory of the season–is displayed one leaf at a time. I love and miss her and am grateful your post reminded me of her today on my birthday–just two days prior to what would have been hers.


    1. George, I’m so touched and glad this resonated for you. I’d love to read “The Power Of Little Things”. I hope you were celebrated on your birthday and that you felt the love from heaven and earth.


  2. I’d prefer to keep the glory, but then there would be no fall.

    (What? . . . I meant to say I love the colors and wish the leaves could stay bright, but then I’d probably start taking that miracle –which, thankfully, you have caught and saved — for granted too.)


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