the open gate
invites me
into the new day

20 thoughts on “Invitation”

  1. Beautiful – simply beautiful! Not just your words but the reality behind them. How lovely to have this (as I imagine) at the bottom of your garden path. To walk straight out into fields of lush green in the morning. It looks like the England I love, but you could be anywhere and it wouldn’t make a difference to me, so long as you keep on feeling the love and sending the snaps.
    Kindness – Robert (York, England).

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    1. Robert, thank you so much for your lovely words this morning. Having grown up in California and then living many years in Boston now that I am settled in New England (New Hampshire,USA) not a morning goes by that I am not grateful to be surround by the nurture of nature and natural beauty. How nice to know on the other side of the Atlantic there is a like minded soul. Kindness back – Catherine

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  2. Thank you for sharing this delightful view and you always-poignant words ❤

    Would you happen to know the identity of the plants with the zig-zag stem and parallel-veined leaves on the righthand side of the picture? I have seen them here forested areas of Michigan and have had more trouble than usual in searching out this plant's identity.


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