21 thoughts on “Color Sounds”

  1. May has arrived like a lion in Canada, yes, there are plenty of flowers, many are burned from the unprecedented amount of wildfires; Climate Change and May are here.

    I’m fortunate so far, no wildfires here yet, though most folks here worry that it will be an apocoliptic like summer concerning wildfires, because spring arrived two months early.

    It’s absolutely gorgeous with the many flowers and July (and August) like days weather wise (temperatrue records have been broken for the last 5 months), however, not very many people are happy about it due to the fact that global warming has accelerated faster than anyone expected.

    This is problematic for writing poetry, for me, anyway, for I love to only write about the glory of the Goddess and Nature, however, there is so much suffering (both environmental of political) that it’s impossible for me to only focus on the beauty (which is my soul’s desire), but the cries are heard by my heart…


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