March 8, 2016 § 11 Comments

Dear Reader,

More than five years ago I began my daily postings. Leaf & Twig is a labor of love that requires a significant amount of time and expense to create and sustain. In order to remain free and available to all it is subsidized by generous readers like you.

So if you find joy and value in what I do, please consider becoming a Supporter
with a single donation in any amount

or recurring donation of your choosing
(between a good cup of coffee and a satisfying meal)
♥ $ 3 / month
♥ $ 7 / month
♥ $10 / month
♥ $25 / month
Please be sure to check the “recurring” box on the payment page.

Whatever the manner or size, your contribution is deeply appreciated.
In gratitude,
Catherine Arcolio
aka Seedbud



§ 11 Responses to Invitation

  • I love your work but I can’t aford to help you. I am in the same boat. Taking pictures, paying for my websites and software cost a lot of money. Only a couple of people have bought my photos though they have been up for sale for years.


  • This is my favorite blog. Thank you for asking for a donation; I am pleased to help, although I wish could offer more.


  • TamrahJo says:

    I chose to place order for Greeting Cards, to fill my mom’s stationary stock, for Mother’s Day Gift – have you bookmarked and my apologies that I had not previously gone to your full blog site and order from you before – I will be correcting that failure – as I place orders with independent artist’s that are in the realm I can afford for gifts throughout the year – I do appreciate your work and if more frequent year-round ordering doesn’t help enough, let me know as I will lower orders and do a donation instead – 🙂 Thank you for beautifying my world!!!


    • seedbud says:

      Thank yo so much! I hope your Mom likes them. In Gratitude, Catherine

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      • TamrahJo says:

        Oh, I can assure you, already, she will! AND, because she is retiring this past spring, loves to send cards/letters to folks and will have more time to do so, I’ve been purchasing ‘gifts’ the past few months from a variety of independent artists – I’m sure I won’t destroy Halmark – AND – gives her what she wants and loves, and feeds my need to support independent business owners – so, I just see it as a win/win all the way around! You are bookmarked and rest assured, until she tells me, “honey? I think my stock is built well enough I’ve got enough to last for a long while” – well…I’ll keep purchasing as I can – I have to buy to gift to someone else, cuz even if I buy, I often fail to get filled out and put in the mail in a timely manner – AND, often, I just give it to ’em blank, saying, “This was so awesome, reminded me of you and I thought, maybe you would like to use it to send to someone – – LOL – I’m a lost cause – but there’s plenty in my circle to keep ya in biz – if we just get ’em trained! LOL


  • I’m afraid I’m in your boat, too. I hope your blog becomes self-supporting.


  • Catherine: Thank you for your, like , on my Another Fiery Western Sky.


  • Thank you for the, like, on my, Early Morning Light.


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