seat of knowledge
where the rock split
Buddha sits

19 thoughts on “Opening”

  1. I get the feeling of ‘power place’, that has intrigued and will intrigue human beings always. Like I have been there before, a déjà-vu.


  2. Well, I have no interest in Buddha, so this was not a strong message to me. but generally I am very impressed with your entries. I am A born again Christian, so I know what the Bible teaches, and it is the life line for me. I trust in a God and Savior who sent His son to die for me and you, and anyone who chooses Him as the Creator of the universe and the only source I seek in making decisions. ‘the Bible is the source of all true knowledge for me and faith in Jesus and renunciation of sin and acceptance of Jesus as the source of all truth and the answer to all the probables in life. Just use the Bible and the Son and no matter how hard life gets, you will be on the winning side and the saver of one;s sould and a trip to Heaven to spend eternity with Him. come see me at jlheman1945 my Christian blog done in a short story form and ending with His message and the answer to any need we have in life. HIs trune inerrant Word is the Life manual. jlehman1945


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