Fog’s Clarity

the future disappeared
along with the horizon
leaving the delicate determination of now

47 thoughts on “Fog’s Clarity”

  1. This speaks volumes to me, both the familiar setting and your accompanying words. I often sense a similar focus in the fog; rather than obscuring, it gently fosters awareness on the moment. Whatever may be happening elsewhere is of no concern. Thank you for sharing!

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  2. I love the poem, and I love fog photos, just went on a fog-walk last week myself. I tried to share this on my blog but wordpress has changed the format, again, and it’ll take a few hours for me to go through the system and figure out where everything is, again. Ha?

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  3. I feel like this should be the scene of a movie.

    In a drama: that could be the favorite thinking spot for the introverted heroine. In this particular weather it was after a break-up.

    In a thriller: it could the the place where the hero(ine) comes in contact with a ghost for the first time.


  4. Very beautiful shot and words. I, too, like the feeling of light, caressing fog. It does hold you within the now and calms the mind. Funny, I also just blogged a photo and poem about time! Thank you for sharing your images and words.


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