19 thoughts on “Wind”

  1. I love the feeling and look of motion, and the thought of anchoring in it’s midst…..
    How do I reblog, which is what I would like to do, but cannot find your reblog button?


  2. Hi Annj,

    Have you solved your reblog porblem? If not, try this….
    1. You can see, Share button on the post. Just place your mouse on it, don’t click;
    2. Now a new window will open below with – inShare, Email, Tweet, Press This, G+1.
    3. Click on Press this, a new window will open. From here you can either directly publish or save it as draft, just in case you want to add tags etc.
    4. Press This is similar to Reblog with one difference being, yo u are given an option to edit before publishing the respective post of others.
    5. Important: You have to open this post in a new window, you can’t do it from Reader.

    Give it a try. πŸ™‚

    Take care


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