What The Field Watches

pumpkin on the mill stone
and so the seasons turn

32 thoughts on “What The Field Watches”

  1. It`s a beautiful setting and a very moving photo. I have found quite a lot of millstones in my area but can`t find a setting like yours to show them off 🙂


  2. This is beautifully simplistic. Leaves me feeling somewhat melancholy – I very much enjoy how you have managed to stir such emotion in only ten words!

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  3. Love this, but wondering about the story of the millstone… is it on your property? How did it get there… and more. The photo sparked my curiosity!


    1. This millstone resides at one of the gardens I tend. It’s a very old farmhouse with a tiny brook quite some distance away. So how it got there is a mystery!


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