31 thoughts on “Encountered”

  1. Gorgeous green. For some reason we haven’t had as many frogs in the front pond, but more down at the river. Cyclical, I guess. The herons have been passing through on their way south. Watch out froggies!


  2. What a beauty…I love frogs…well except for the Bufo frogs that occasionally occupy my backyard πŸ™‚


      1. Seedbud, They’ve changed the reblog method, and I can’t find the way to do it on your blog. It used to be on the header. Then they moved it next to the like buttons. But you don’t have like buttons. Under share, I can “press” it, whatever that means. I’ll try it, but if it looks bizarre, I’ll delete it again. Also, I can’t see how to put commentary under the “press” it function. I’ll do my best, though. Have a great weekend, Brenda


      2. I basically had to create my own post. I had to import your photo onto my desktop. It was way more effort than reblogging. Do you know if others have reblogged from your site recently? How did they do it?


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