Downy in the Garden

a pause
from the pecking
resting on the rail

35 thoughts on “Downy in the Garden”

  1. I come here at the end of a long day and relax and enjoy the beautiful pictures an form with many rhyming words and the entries always end with God solving whatever problem the person is facing in that particular entry. . Pleas come to see me, so we can reciprocate. jlehman1945 You are truly one of God’s blessings and I thank you. jlhehman1945 Keep it coming!


  2. My entry above is not all I was trying to say. I write Christian prosity, a form i invented in which I use short story form, with many rhyming words, and they revolve around a person who has some problem, and at the end Jesus always solves it for them. It is entertaining, I have been told. Please come see me,;then we can reciprocate. jlehman1945 Keep up the wonderful work. You truly describe what God created to be beautiful. I love your blog jlehman1945


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