32 thoughts on “Sweet Hellenium”

  1. Yes to the comments! Plus,

    not knowing much about flowers, I found two interesting bits – (1) this one is named after Helen of Troy; (2). “A number of these species have the common name sneezeweed. . .”!!

    BUT, not to worry, the name is “. . . based on the former use of their dried leaves in making snuff. It was inhaled to cause sneezing that would supposedly rid the body of evil spirits.” (wiki)

    Strange, how we try to use beauty.

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    1. about the size of a silver dollar
      as the flower gets older it creates that lovely design in the center
      when it first blooms the center is just dark brown


    1. Hi, thanks for you comments. There isn’t a like button because I like to keep the look of the blog very clean and simple. Thanks for taking the time to write. Best – Seedbud

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