For Equilibrium

sit a bit
in the shelter of the shade
and watch the day wander by

56 thoughts on “For Equilibrium”

  1. I have a bench under my willow…

    (Everytime WP makes a change somewhere, the latest with their Reader -it seems to mess up something else. Hope you are having a wonderful season – cheers, Jules)


      1. I’m not sure what ‘line breaks’ you are talking about. I still write in my own documents and copy and past in HTML in the old WP because I don’t like the extra spaces in the New and Improved WP option of posting. Is that what you mean?

        Hugs, ~Jules


      2. Oh! Good tip Jules. I’ll be doing that now. This line break thing is another issue with the theme I’m using and then new reader. It’s been sent “to the engineers”. Best & hugs, Seedbud

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      3. I used to flip through the themes. I might yet, But I’m used to how things work with what I have. There might be easier ways… but eek. Too many changes.

        One thing is for certain – If you work in your own programs and then copy and paste you will always have your ‘copy’. I knew a person who had only worked within the ‘blog’ settings and well, there was a problem and ‘poof’ everything was lost. Every once in a while I get Techy hubby to back up my stuff now on a thumb drive too. Just in case.

        Hugs, to you too my friend. ~Jules


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