Room To Grow

every leaf bud revels
in the space
reserved for their expansion

23 thoughts on “Room To Grow”

  1. I could cry – when in my youth I needed to hear this, I thought the attached rules were part of the story. Parasites can look just like preachers and leaders. Very profound and rich with solace, Seedbud. I really appreciate what you are doing.


  2. sorry for what looks like an ambiguous post from me – In my youth, there were rules attached to the space I took up. I had no idea they hadn’t grown naturally with the law of nature that gave me a chance to be here on earth, just like all living things. It was a cruel discovery to realize the rigid rules I’d grown up treating as sacred, were merely things others wanted me to believe. Is this a little clearer? Trying to say something I’ve never said before…


    1. Niaih, It always brings me such pleasure to read your thoughtful and insightful comments. I so appreciate the deepness of what you share. Both comments make total sense to me. “parasites can look like preachers and leaders” that phrase echoes. I too grew up with the notion that I shouldn’t take up too much space. Mother nature teaches differently. Very, very Best, Seedbud.

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