big appetite for life
his hunger is for spring

44 thoughts on “Victual”

  1. I saw one of these here in PA on Feb. 26th! I unfortunately didn’t get a photo, it was too quik to fly away.


  2. Your photos are such a gift. I start my day opening your image and taking in the beauty and your words.

    My deep thanks for your daily offering. It’s great!

    Lindsey Toomey (lived in Upper Valley 14 yrs and moved to Boston in Oct.)

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    1. Lindsay, thank you so much for your kinds words. You have had quite a winter in Boston!!! Except for this year winter in Boston is much milder than here. I lived in Boston for 20+ years and have been in the Upper Valley for 5 – although I visited often. I’m so glad I can keep the beauty of the upper valley near you through the blog. Spring will come soon for you!
      Very best, Catherine


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