Standing Side By Side

rooted in the now
the wind
is their breath

36 thoughts on “Standing Side By Side”

  1. I think your photograrhes are extra ordinary beautiful too, but I like your comments as well… and want to share, don t you want to add facebook too.


    1. Thank you so much. There is the little box “share” under each image and if you click on that it opens and there is a facebook “like”. Is that what you are looking for?


      1. I liked many times, but by this way only a notice can be seen on
        facebook page, I would like to share image and your comment together.


      2. I glazed to other blogger s pages too. There are different styles for adding apps. Yours can t be seen as a whole when I shared at facebook page, just seen as a little notice behind.


  2. Once again your beautiful poem is indescribly perfect. It has words chosen with such a command of language that the words express the perfect thought exact, simple, clean and not one unnessessary word or even letter to clutter and detract. I have to ask again, in my ignorance, is this a hiiku? The estectic is so Jananese. Your choice of illustration is well suited to your words. I beg that you allow me me to share this poem on my blog


    1. Barbara, Thank you for asking I’d be honored if you share it on your blog.
      And thank you for your kind comments!
      It is not Haiku which is 3 lines of a total 17 syllables in a sequence of 5, 7, 5
      It is my homage to haiku.
      Very Best,

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