the pond’s edge
the reach of shadows
winter renders a new view
and understanding of the familiar

20 thoughts on “Understanding”

  1. I’ve never lived in a place with winter snow. The few years spent in Northern Germany, we had cold, but just once or twice with any white stuff on the ground, and it didn’t last. Your photo and poem are beautiful – and seem quite accurate! ~SueBee


  2. What a gift, to open up your blog for the first time and see such an image. This reminds of a few different areas up in the Rocky Mountain National Park. I’m embarrassed that I haven’t been up there for winter in a while. Maybe this is the inspiration I needed. Thanks for visiting Other Side of the Trees. Hope you stop by again.


  3. We have a little pond in front of our house and I love watching our two dogs snooping around the edge of the frozen pond, then carefully testing the ice, then sliding around on it as if it had been there always. I wonder what they “think” about the changing realities from liquid water to splash in to solid but slippery “ground” to walk on….


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