houseplants counter
the outdoor’s red, orange and yellow
with pink and green

24 thoughts on “Touché”

    1. we have lots of deep windowsills especially for geraniums. We live in a very windy part of the North West of Ireland, so flowers get a tough time. We also use our glazed balcony for starting off seedlings in the spring


  1. I owe my artistic success to this plant. Hgh school art teacher Jack Summers made us paint big watercolors of this plant, OVER & OVER until we could handle the flow of competing colors. LOVE the coleus.


  2. I have some of these on my deck. They will not survive for long due to the dropping temperatures. My house is too small to accomodate all of them so I sadly watch their demise. I will plant more next summer. They love my deck.


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