38 thoughts on “Spiral Path”

    1. Well, there is book full of Information about the spiral by Jill Pruce “The Mystic Spiral. Journey of the Soul”. It`s worth reading.
      Greetings from the sunny coast of North Norfolk
      By the way, I couldn`t find a LIKE-button here. Am I blind?


      1. Thanks SO MUCH for the book recommendation! No, you aren’t blind. SOMETIMES there is a like button on the wordpress toolbar at the top of the page on the left hand side. But it is only there sometimes. Only wordpress knows why. And if your not a wordpress user you won’t find a like button because I don’t like the messy way it displays. Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing.


  1. If that’s not on private property, can you reveal the location? It looks very much like a prayer circle we have at my university. A lovely shot, too.


  2. Labyrinths are like magnets to me. I love the small prayer walk we have in our church garden, and often photograph and write about it. So many times we focus on the inward walk, centering. But you speak wonderfully to the necessity of spiraling out as well. Thank you!


  3. I just checked out the website for the Path of Life Garden…quite impressive. Wish I’d known of it to include in the section on labrynths in my book, but I think I’ll add them to the “Sweet Spots” resources on my blog.


  4. I am inspired to find a place in the back 40 for a path such as this… perhaps a bit more meandering but peaceful and slow…. circles are evocative of peace, walking it is good. thank you for sharing this today.


  5. Every winter solstice the kids in our school group go into a spiral we make of greens. They light a candle and then walk it out, signifying bringing light back again. It’s beautiful.


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