63 thoughts on “Ode to Winter”

  1. This is a lovely photo– I really enjoy getting your updates every day, and I’m impressed that you’re so on top of it, putting out a new update every day. I’ve been looking around wordpress, and as far as I can tell, what you’re doing with your blog is very similar in spirit to what I’m trying to do, although with a different focus. As you can see, I’ve also been trying to post something every day, but with the rest of my work/parenting responsibilities, it’s hard to make the time. Where are you located? It looks like New England, or maybe the upper midwest. I’m often envious of the ‘real’ winter depicted in your posts, here in Virginia we get lots of mud and not a whole lot else. Ennyhoo, I just wanted to say that I’m very impressed with what you’re doing here, and consider you something of a kindred spirit, even though your blog (intriguingly) has nearly no information about you.


  2. Mother Nature is the consummate artist. You certainly were in the right place to be able to put your own vision upon hers–nicely done.


  3. I’ve spent much of my life wandering through Vermont and New Hampshire (I’m a Massachusetts native), so curiosity compels me to ask: Which river?


    1. It’s the Connecticut – in the “upper Valley”. This shot was taken from the bridge that connects Orford, NH with Fairlee, VT.
      Thanks Dr. Denny I’ve enjoyed your comments.


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