Although it has been ages
since the corral gate has kept anything in or out
it still refuses to let go.

22 thoughts on “Perseverance”

  1. You know I like your pictures because, if you do any “post-production” work, it is generally invisible – you do not alter nature, so your photos have a purity that I find reassuring after seeing so much distortion of color – which distorts shape also – in so many blogged images.


  2. The gate is keeping out some of the leaves that are piling up against it when the winds blow. Even old things can find a purpose for themselves!!!! I love the post. Thanks for visiting my site as well.


  3. I came to your blog through a view from the furry side. I love, love, love it. Top quality combination of image and poetry. So glad to have discovered you. Thank you for visiting me at Engaging!


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