Lavender Wave

Like a receding tide
the ocean of wildflower color
begins its subtle retreat in August.

14 thoughts on “Lavender Wave”

  1. thanks for stopping by and liking my post on ‘The Wind is not my friend’. You live in a beautiful part of the country and your photos and poems help give a real sense of the beauty that surrounds you. Best Wishes


  2. Lavender is a favorite scent of mine. I use the essential oil for medicinal purposes as well as just smelling the aroma for my pleasure. It is so all purpose and it is also beautiful growing. So nice to see your photo and your words describe the fading of the windflowers to perfectly.


  3. Lavender is my favorite smell. It is impossible to find in Florida in fresh form, but now that I’ve moved to Minnesota, I’ve been able to find it everywhere! Love the accompanying photo.


  4. We also have Lavender here in South Africa and have some farms where it is cultivated for the essential oils it produces. Ours look quite different to yours but the colour is the same. My wife has Lavender growing alongside the house just outside our bedroom.


  5. …and this is another one that gets a lot of use in borders over here. I plant it to give height, without interfering with the view. Verbena bonariensis – a marvellous, light, airy bee and butterfly magnet.


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