As the workers toil in the carpet of sage
they hum and buzz their dictum
“from each according to their abilities, to each according to their needs”

8 thoughts on “Harvest”

  1. They have discovered that in NYC the bee population has doubled this year due to the hot muggy weather… They actually had to bring down a large hive that had formed on the George Washington Bridge! As the fellow said, it only takes one allergic person and a thousand stingers to create an emergency… So do be careful when out among the bees… do care for them because they do support us, but be aware that they have been given the means to protect their hive.


  2. The image is beautiful, great composition, and I know how fast these workers move so I applaud your capture. I can not tell if you edited this, but it does not matter because it is lovely, the tones are harmonic and soft and you still have a nice detail. Your words sum it up perfectly, bees are life, without them we would not have edible plants, we rely on them and need them. I love your blog and your format draws me in to read more and more. Thank you for sharing with all.


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