The Song Of Silence

deep in the woods
on the frozen vernal pond
the music played on

Embracing Mystery

the morning
in mystical cold

A Place For Daydreaming

linger on
waterfall bridge
where time is suspended

The Center Holds

shadows play
on the river of leaves
stillness inside movement

Not Moved

in the tumult
mountains remind  me
the endurance of truth

Abstract Of Rickrack

zig zagging leaves
upon themselves

Shade Upon Shade Of Blue

with my eyes
I wade into the sky
to cleanse and refresh my spirit

Pink Dawn

the magic
of dreams
still within reach

Call Of Attention

their shout
of color rises
from the forest floor

Winter’s Enigma

inside the flurry
a particular tranquility

Dress Up Just For Yourself

ordinary rock
adorned with
lichen lace ruffle