Fountain Of Light

springing forth
in the darkening woods
each blade a splash of light

The Waterfall Late November

part frozen
part motion

Atop The Rock

while together
with everything

When Being Empty Is Being Whole

the light and fluff
a meadow star remains

Mere Seconds

be still
to discover how quickly
things change

Gentle Mountains

rounded shoulders
of time
guide the river


sedum climbs
stone steps
footprints of pink and green

Our Voices Carried

cutting through the fog
sparkling with dew
we connect

More Precious Than Money

we pile up
our quartered logs
to see us through


everything intensified
as edges and differences
make themselves known

Wearing Rings Like Saturn

from the forest floor
another universe

Apple Tree Offering

her limb
heavy with ripeness
presenting gifts

The Wondrous Wind

leaves into light
before winter’s good night