Main Street

magnificent maples
by the white picket fence
autumn Americana

The Yard In Autumn

leaves and light
on the lawn

Unexpected Snow

trees still wearing
their autumn colors
put on a shawl of white

Still Life

and demise
juxtaposed by light

Morning With Cows

space and place
for each one
to low and graze

Side By Side

through the heart
of the valley
travels the river and train

The Council

at the birdbath
migration is debated

The Maple

the season change
a deepening of golds to red

The Light, The Colors, The Change

all of autumn
in this leaf

To Dwell Inside Magnificence

an autumn
walk in the woods
is to step inside the masterpiece

Late Bloom

dahlia’s delicacy
in counterpoint
to fall’s exuberance

Quickly The Mood Of Each Moment Shifts

light and shadow
chase each other
across the landscape

Beautiful Goodbyes

as colors fade
the intricacies
of structure emerge


Autumn Palette

weather spins
the color wheel
to unending appeal

Snail’s Pace

gorgeous October days
ever so slowly
we tuck the garden in